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Independent Plan

Our typical independent customer manages up to 150 properties.

Reduce rent arrears on your portfolio.

No more rent arrears costing your landlords thousands in rent.

Use Rentview to manage your rents making sure there are no rent arrears on your portfolio.

  • 24/7 any device access to your portfolio.

  • Colour coded to instantly identify what needs your attention.

  • Keep your landlords updated on the status of their rent.

  • Auto generate rent arrears notices and minimise your risk.

Stay updated on your accounts

No more missed payments: auto generate invoices and deductions. Keep track of tradesmen, payments due, and amounts paid to contractors.

Automated end of year accounts at your fingertips. Sync and share access with your landlord to end of year statements, invoices and account summary.

Never miss a lease renewal.

Rentview will remind you when your leases are due for renewal so you won't miss out on re-letting fees.

All-in-one document stored

Upload and store important documents on your properties and share access with landlords, helping eliminate postage costs.

Assign property management tasks

Simplfy task management by assigning tasks to property managers, get alerts and updates on lease renewals and high priorioty tasks.

We’ll help you get there. Why? Our interest is to help you grow. If you grow your business, we’ll grow ours.

Whats in it for you?

Reduce stress. Get organised. Store your data securely in the cloud. Our promise to you: we won’t 'do a rightmove' on pricing!

Increase your revenue

Double your fees by offering a more complete management service to your landlords.

Reduce administration time

Automate your administration work and see how Rentview can give you hours of time back.

Access anywhere

Get access to your secure data from any device; be it at home, on the road or in the office.