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Simple, Tenant management software for Letting agencies

Rentview provides Free Tenant Matching, Screening and Applicant software which screens your tenants and promotes them to landlords on your website.

Tenant matching software

Quickly match your tenants to your property listings and keep an updated record of all registered tenants.

Properties Matching
Adding Tenants
Tenants Database

Import your Listings

Simply import your property listings from your property portal of choice and match incoming email and phone call enquires to your listed properties.

Adding Tenants

Quickly add your interested tenants to your software matching them with properties within their price range, location and move in date.

Get started with your Free Tenant Matching Software, screen your tenants and promote to landlords.

Screen your tenants before viewings

Get a 360° view of all your verified tenant's credentials and information before organising viewings

Make quicker decisions with instant access to your future tenant's details

  • Request access to tenants information by adding their email address.

  • View tenants information, employment history, rental history and references.

  • Send requests to view co-renter's profiles helping you make decisive decisions.

  • Organise your property viewings with tenants after screeening them first.

Promote your Tenants database

Install the Rentview widget into your website and promote your tenants database to your landlords

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