• Tenant Image Andreas Riha Cash Buyer
    4 miles around Cork City
    • 3 Bed
    • 250k
    • Feb 2015
    • Approved
  • Tenant Image Ruth Kane Renter Junior Solicitor
    6 miles around Crumlin,Dublin
    • 3-4 Bed
    • 1,350 p/m
    • 15 Dec 2014
    • Employed

Daft and MyHome send you the leads,

Rentview turns leads into rich actionable data.

Some agents using Rentview

Instant Matches

View all matching renters to your advertised properties

With Rentview you can view all your renters renting requirements including Location, Property type, Budget and Move In date.

  • Upload your properties directly from your property portal feed.
  • Get a complete view of properties matching each renter.
Instant Matches Screenshot
  • €1500 p/m | 3 Bed 157 Beach Road, Balbriggan
    Template Property Image
  • €800 p/m | 1 Bed 88 Downpatrick Road, Crumlin
    Template Property Image

Centralise All Enquiries

Automate all your email enquiries from property portals

Rentview allows you to BCC all email enquiries into your account sending renters requests to complete their profile.

  • Get a complete view of people’s rental requirements.
  • Manage all enquiries and share access with your agency staff.
  • Communicate with Renters by sending viewing times.
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Tenant Image Ruth Kane Junior Solicitor
15 miles around Crumlin
  • 3-4 Bed
  • 800-900 p/m
  • 14 Jul 2014
  • Employed

View Shared Profiles

Instantly see credentials of potential candidates

Imagine you could view instantly your new renter’s bio, photo, co-renters, work history, renting history, referees and renting requirements.

  • View shared profiles from renters sharing with your agency.
  • Keep track with all enquiries on the go.
Shared Screenshot
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Screen & Verify Renters

Verify References with Instant Reports from Experian

With one click you can manage your applicant’s references and credit reports simplifying the referencing process for your agency.

  • View all instant and comprehensive credit reports from your renters.
  • Keep track on the status of your applicant's credit reports.
Shared Verify