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Rent management software for letting agencies

Stay in control of your rents and minimise your rent arrears with your new rent management software.

Manage multiple rent payments and reduce your rent arrears.

Monitoring and tracking rents has never been easier with your rent management dashboard.

Get an instant overview of the status of your rents with late rents in red, green for due soon and orange for due today.

  • Increase your efficiency with at a glance access to all of your accounts.

  • Colour-coded rent management so you can see what needs your attention.

  • Reconcile rent payments quickly and automate tenants rent receipts.

  • Take immediate action on rent arrears by administrating legal rent arrears notices.

Manage your rent payments weekly or per calendar month

You can now see which properties you work harder on, allowing you to compile better reports for your landlords.

Rent management

Add notes to outstanding rents due, informing landlords on rent arrears.

Record partial rent payments from your tenants; stay updated at all times.

Add additional rent charges to the rent schedule, such as interest payments.

For tenants

Set up standing orders with your tenants using the property lease code as a reference.

Instantly generate deposit & rent receipts with a click of a button.

Share access with tenants and eliminate time spent generating rent and deposit receipts.

Rent admin

Track outstanding rents on your rent dashboard including accumulative rent arrears.

Reconcile all your rents with one easy click, allowing you to focus on potential rent arrears.

Record how your tenants paid their rent; in cash, cheque, bank transfer or by credit card.

What's in it for you?

Rentview allows your letting agency manage your rent payments effectively through simple to use rent management software.

Reduce rent arrears

Rentview is designed to eliminate rent arrears by identifying at-risk properties defaulting on their rent payments.

Automate rent management

Streamline and automate your rent management, automatically generate rent and deposit receipts, sharing access online with tenants.

Retain landlords

Share access with landlords to their rent schedule and keep them updated on the status of their rents, keeping your clients happy.