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Win new listings for your Estate / Letting Agency

We can help increase your revenue, boost your rankings and grow your market share by skyrocketing your website up the search rankings.

  • Over 90% of property searches are done online

  • Over 1000 online searches for 'estate agents' each month

  • Your Competition is 1200 agency websites in Ireland

  • 740 online searches per month by non-resident landlords

  • With 16 years experience in property & technology

FREE website analysis report

Boost your online presence

Search engine optimisation helps you rank higher than your competitors in search engines

Analyse Incoming traffic

Google analytics allows you to track your traffic sources in real time so you can make better business decisions with your website and marketing campaigns

Onsite website analysis

We source the best of breed technology, allowing our clients to monitor what content on your website is being viewed, so you can direct your visitors to important details like your contact number

Our SEO services are designed to make you money

We take an holistic view of your online marketing efforts.

Keyword Research

We customise a plan around your company, brand, and content. We target keywords that are relevant, determine user intent, and are focused on conversions for your target clients.

On-page analysis

Rentview will perform a page-by-page analysis to maximise your websites ranking across the three key search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Backpage analysis

Rentview moves beyond legacy SEO strategies. We focus on branded search, link building tactics that don’t violate search policies, and competitor analysis.

Link Building

We constantly evolve to keep our link building methods running at the speed of Google. Our current focus is on in-line content links, blogging and guest posting.

Social Media

Rentview will help you build a strong presence on key social media sites, which translates to higher rankings, more visitors, and better conversion rates.


We will establish a baseline at the beginning of your SEO campaign, followed by a weekly benchmark reporting to demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaign.