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Rental inventory software for letting agencies

Save up to 3 hours of time preparing inventory reports. Get Rentview & automate your property inventory inspections.

Generate full digital inspection reports, impressing your landlords.

Rentview inventory software is designed to protect agents, landlords and tenants when renting out a property

Using a smart phone or tablet, agents can simply take photos of each room & dictate the property conditions and click done.

  • Proven to minimise deposit retention disputes.

  • Save hours of time create a complete inventory in 45 minutes.

  • Generate move in and mid term inspection reports.

  • All photos are geo-tagged to ensure total transparency.

Protect your landlord's properties

Provide your landlords with a fully branded 50 page digital inventory report detailing the condition of the property.

Simple to use

Download the app free of charge from the App Store or the Google play store.

Add your properties and record the condition of the property by taking photos and voice notes.

Create Inspection Templates and store predefined templates such as "2 bedroom house".


Dictation auto-transcribed from your smartphone or tablet, helping eliminate laborious office work.

Create bespoke reports for your landlords to reinforce your brand and grow your business.

Share access online to your reports with your landlords and tenants to avoid any future disputes.

Grow your business

Save money by not outsourcing your inventory reports and instead doing the job yourself.

Re-sell inventory reports to your let-only landlords for up to £80 for each report.

Secure more management clients. The customised reports and online access act as a great incentive for landlords to upgrade to management.

What's in it for you?

Rentview property management digital inventory app is designed to save you hours of time and secure more property management clients.

Reduce admin time

Get your complete property management digital inventory reports automated and save hours of time producing reports.

Improved Customer Service

Improve client satisfaction by allowing landlords and tenants to access finished inventory online thus keeping all parties informed and avoiding any future disputes.

Build your portfolio

The rentview inventory app instills confidence in the Landlord that your management service is both professional and efficient whilst allowing you the agent, more time to build your portfolio by targeting new management clients.