Rentview is connecting renters, agents and landlords.

Our Story

The brain child of Colin Napper and Andreas Riha

Our History

From Letting agents to Software provider

Founded Jan 2012

Founded in Dublin Rentview has a passion to find soloutions to every day problems for letting agents, property managements, landlords and renters.


Early Days Pre Rentview

Together, in the cramped environs of a garden shed and powered by the will to succeed Colin & Andreas used all their experience and training in sales and IT to start and develop Dublin Letting into one of the largest Independent Letting agencies in Dublin.


Dorset Street Moved Offices

They secured a humble first floor office on Dorset Street in Dublin. From here the company really began to blossom.


High street agents Smithfield, Dublin

So, inevitably in 2006 Dublin Letting moved to its current premises in the newly regenerated Smithfield area on the of the river Liffey in the hearth Dublin City. With 1000 newly built apartments on its doorstep the move to Smithfield allowed the company to grow and become a household name in the letting's industry in Dublin


Rentcollectors Setup Rentcollectors

In 2008 we developed a rent management tool designed to help our agency manage the rental payments for our burgeoning management portfolio. This online software tool processed over 4.5 million in rental payments for our landlords and gave them online access to their rent statements.

Sept 2011

Early Days Rentview

In Sept 2011 we decided to focus on developing software for the Lettings industry. We saw from the success we had with our rent management tool and thought other agents could benefit from using a tool to manage their rental portfolio.



Sold Dublin Letting Focus on Rentview

At the same time it was decided that the time had come to sell Dublin Letting. The two friends were now 100% available to water and nurture their already prospering Rentview business with the aim of building an international company..

Jan 2013

Brand New Offices! How Fancy

By spring of the following year and well on its way to becoming a mighty oak, Rentview provided solace to 10% of the Irish market and had moved its headquarters to The Docklands in Dublin


Rentview Renter Profile For Renters

In 2014 we decided to focus on developing The Rentview renters profile. We noticed that the lack of available properties in some cities meant renters where not getting selected as applicants due to the high volume of applications. This tool allowed renters to send verified agents a link to view their renting requirements, references and application form. For the agent we developed back end software which matches the renters to listings on their books by geo location, budget and property size.


Our enigmatic team of developers, marketing, sales and customer service now sit in their shiny new office, looking out far beyond the Irish Sea to where Rentviews branches have spread to London in the UK where they are implementing their fresh new approach to managing rental properties.

As Seen On

Online, Local magazines and Property Industry press releases

  • Rentview aims to disrupt the lettings marketplace by providing a a rent and property management cloud-based platform for estate and letting agencies to manage, build and retain their rental portfolios

  • Agencies can manage their rents through the rent management dashboard and instantly identify late rent payments. They can stay updated on assigned property management tasks, lease renewals and inspections.

Who We Are

Our Team comprises of Lettings industry professionals, software developers, graphic designers who all happen to be either landlords or renters.

  • Colin Napper

    Chief Exective Officer

  • Andreas Riha

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Daniel Fernandez

    Senior software engineer

  • Victor Gomes

    Senior software engineer

  • Ed Campion

    Senior software engineer

  • Niall Barrett

    Graphic Designer


I have been using Rentview for sometime to manage student accommodation, Although the tool isn't currently tailored to the student letting business, the team at Rentview have a very open and transparent relationship with it's users and are very respective constructive feedback, I guess this transparent philosophy is mirrored in what Rentview is all about. My tenants have given me direct feedback on feeling comfortable that the monies that they are paying for their rental accommodation is easily viewable from the Tenant profile page and that they can see at anytime what is due and when. Rentview give a simple to use interface that is miles ahead of any platform I have tried in terms of simplicity while providing very powerful features for both Agent and Landlord. One of these features is the Inventory Management tool which I use for all my lettings, only earlier this year I had a potential dispute where a property was damaged, the tenants disputed a number of items and I was able to produce an inventory report which was created by using the Rentview Mobile App prior to them taking residence which clearly showed the property was given to the tenants in a high standard and that the property was not returned in the same state of repair. Once they saw the report there was no further dispute. A very powerful aspect which when linked with the rental management, Transparent Agent / Landlord / Tenant interface, builds confidence between all parties and makes letting property that bit easier. Thanks Rentview team and keep up the GREAT work.

Joseph Correia

We have used Rentview for three years now. We let and manage quite a large portfolio of residential properties and have found that Rentview makes our lives that bit easier. From an estate agents point of view, when you are managing hundreds and thousands of properties and rents each week, month & year it is difficult to see which rents are late, what fees are due to be deducted, what invoices are due etc. Rentview is a user friendly way of keeping on top of your rents, fees and invoices. It also keeps a permanent record of everything that takes only seconds to navigate. From a clients point of view, Rentview allows worldwide 24/7 access to invoices and updates on each of their property's individually. It allows an owner to click a button and print rental statements at any stage for their tax return etc. Rentview is one of our main selling points when it comes to upgrading a landlord from a let only to a management client. Dublin Letting & Property Management

Paul Murphy

I have been using Rentview since the beginning of the year and both my clients and myself are impressed with the system. The system allows me to offer a transparent service and they like the fact that they can easily view and keep up to date with their accounts online. From a business point of view this removes the numerous calls from clients looking for updates on their accounts, duplicate statements etc which means we can concentrate on other areas. The Photo Inventory allows you to upload to the system very quickly and makes move outs a whole lot easier. With both parties being able to view this information they are both therefore aware of the standard in which the property should be in, minimising disputes. The team at Rentview are great and a pleasure to deal with. They are always coming up with ways to continually improve the property management system and they also provide helpful tips on how you can enhance your business. I would highly recommend Rentview to other Letting Agents as it really does simplify the process and I am excited to see how the system progresses in the future.

Carrie Cagle

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Our value added customers stretch from Ireland, Uk and Spain.

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