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Franchise Plan

Our typical franchise customer manages up to 300 properties.

Manage multiple rent payments and reduce your rent arrears.

Monitoring and tracking rents has never been easier with your rent management dashboard.

Get an instant overview on the status of your rents with late rents in red, green for due soon and orange for due today.

  • Increase your efficiency with at a glance access to all of your accounts.

  • Colour coded rent management so you can see what needs your attention.

  • Reconcile rent payments quickly and automate tenants rent receipt.

  • Take immediate action on rent arrears by administrating legal rent arrears notices.

Retain your existing landlords by sharing access.

Sync and shares access with your landlords helping keep them updated on all issues relevant to them.

Anytime access for your landlords to view their rent status, monthly invoices, end of year accounts, and online inventory. Eliminate timely office calls requesting end of year accounts, invoices, statements and reports.

Straightforward accounts management - you won’t need a manual

Get an instant overview on your total client accounts balance with an updated transaction log of funds paid in and out.

Invoice reports

Get instant access to all generated invoices outstanding so you can calculate fees due on your portfolio.

Client account summary

Stay updated with your accounts summary including deposits held, fees due, tradesmen fees outstanding and landlord's rents due.

View historic property management tasks on all your properties

You can now see which properties you work harder on allowing you to compile better reports to your landlords.

Task manager

Assign important tasks to property managers and view in progress or completed.

Dynamic task management allowing you to drag task to next stage of progress.

Full historic records of all tasks associated with your properties for better reporting

No missing renewals

Get alerted to upcoming lease renewals assigned to you in your task manager.

Renew leases two months before expiration allowing you ample time to renew.

Stay updated with reminders on inspections and industry regulatory requirements

All in one document stored

Upload and store letting agreements, references, letter of engagements and more.

Share access with your landlords stored documents saving you postage costs.

Get rid of clutter by uploading PDF or scanned documents to managed properties

What's in it for you?

Rentview reduces administration time, allowing you to focus on winning new landlords, increasing your portfolio, and keeping your existing clients happy.

All in one software

Get your complete lettings software from marketing, referencing, letting, management, digital inventory, accounts, task manager and more.

Reduce admin time

Streamline and automate your administration work and reduce office admin time by 60% allowing you to focus on building revenues.

Secure access

Data security is of utmost importance to us – all our traffic is done over SSL, the web standard for secure data transmission.