How to attract Tenants

how to attract tenants

How to attract tenants to your letting agency website Some letting agencies may not be as lucky as our tenant rich cousins in major cities like London , Dublin etc. How do tenants find your listings In my previous blog post “using Google keyword planner effectively”,  I discussed how letting agencies can drive more landlords to their site. But if you’re an agency that is on the other end of the scale and you are looking at how to attract … [Continue reading]

How to use Google Keyword Planner for your property management company

property management long tail keywords

Google Keyword planner for your property management company Using Google keyword planner is an excellent way to start off your SEO strategy. Google Keyword planner allows you to see what search terms are being searched for on a monthly average. You can be very specific and break this down by regions such as country and county. Image credit Michael Wolf Who is your target market The very first step in your SEO or SEM plan is to understand … [Continue reading]

Property Management Blogs

property management blogs

Successful Property Management Blogs So your looking to build more traffic to your property management website and you want to show your knowledge in property management industry. The best way to do this is through property management blogging in my opinion. Let me tell you a little story I recently started to work with a couple of clients who are doing a really great job in putting out some good property management blogs. The topics are … [Continue reading]

Landlord Marketing

landlord marketing

Landlord Marketing with email drip campaigns What percentage of your landlord website visitors today will contact you asking for information on your services? If you are not sure about a % I will make it simple how many landlords contact you daily looking for advice or inquiring about your services? If the answer is 0% or more like 1 enquiry every couple of weeks you need to continue reading. In my previous blog post on property management … [Continue reading]

Property Management Marketing Trends for 2014

Property management marketing trends

Property management Marketing Trends If your like most property management companies your most likely strategising on how you can reach the targets you have set your property management company this year. If you are not and your looking to increase your profit on last year you should start to put targets in place now. The best way to increase your property management companies profits is through marketing. Here is my 4 property … [Continue reading]

Tenants Fees in Ireland

Tenants fees survey

Tenants Fees Do you charge your tenants fees or administration fees? That is the question I asked letting agents across Ireland over the last couple of weeks.  So why did I ask it? With the rental industry seeing huge demand at the moment most letting agents cannot get enough properties to let out. Most letting agents I’m speaking with on a daily basis are seeing increased costs in running their letting agency both legally and … [Continue reading]

Email marketing landlords

email marketing to landlords

Email Marketing landlords Finding it hard to find new landlords? Well you will be glad to know that you are not the only agent out there, it’s the BIGGEST challenge facing letting agents in the rental and letting industry today.  If we look at the rental stats today you will see rents are rising.... Why? Simple its supply and demand. Finding Landlords Tenants are staying in properties longer and as a result marketing to landlords has … [Continue reading]

How a great Letting agency website can convert your landlord

letting agency website design mobile iPhone

Letting agency website design A great letting agency website design is a must for any letting agency wishing to capture leads from landlords or vendors searching locally for the right company or individual to rent or sell their property. I would go as far as to say that this is pivotal for your letting agency because in some instances, it is the first time your potential client will have come across your services, team, testimonials, listings … [Continue reading]

How to find landlords for your letting agency

Letting agency software

How to find landlords for your letting agency “How to find Landlords?” is perhaps the most frequently asked question for all Letting Agents. It is such an important question because new Landlords/property listings are vital to the Letting Agent surviving in today’s competitive market as well as ensuring the business grows. The answer to this question is not just one simple solution; there are many tools which the Letting Agent can use to find … [Continue reading]

Rental Property Inventory – Compile inspection reports & save hours of time

rental inventory software

Why is it important to carry out Rental Property Inventories? When managing a rental property, it is imperative to conduct a full condition property inventory report on the property rather than just writing down the items in the property. Previously, letting agents would conduct inventory reports at the property with a note pad; writing down each item in the room, itemising each item and taking photographs of the condition of the … [Continue reading]