Why vendors will choose your Estate Agency over a competitor


Understand the strategies which will make you stand out above the competition Real Estate is a booming business. With investors both locally internationally searching online and offline, the … [Continue reading]

How estate agents win new vendor Instructions

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Can Marketing Letters increase your estate agents portfolio ? Marketing letters are becoming more prominent in the real estate profession. These simple printed letters have a great impact on … [Continue reading]

Business sales strategies for Estate Agents

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Techniques which will maximize your business and fees Managers and senior level professionals in the real estate business should spend a great deal of their time acquiring properties which to sell. The process is constant and the clients always want the lowest rates and the highest appraisal. Unfortunately, more often than not a real estate executive will be told that their valuation of the property is too low and that the expected fees are … [Continue reading]

Does your real estate agency do Property Video Tours?

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How property video tours are reshaping the real estate business. With the growing number of people turning to digital media as their primary source of information, real estate agents are finding it more and more difficult to compete with mobile media marketing. Agencies which have implemented new technologies and methodologies into their business are more likely to have success with securing properties than those which do not. One way in … [Continue reading]

Creating social media images for your letting agency

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If you want to create professional looking graphics for your letting agencies social media without using a designer I would highly recommend checking out Canva. Canva is a free online tool which allows the average letting agent create professional graphics for Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, infographics etc with ease. Signing up is easy and free to use once you provide your own images, if however you wish to use some of the high quality images in … [Continue reading]

How to save time showing property

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It is a very interesting title and one which most if not all agents reading this would love to do. How to save time showing property? How I hear you say? Well it is all about qualification of your customer (the tenant or the buyer), the very first step in any sales process should be qualification. If you are trying to sell ( or rent) anything to somebody they need to qualify to be a prospect. Strategies In a previous post I discussed Strategies … [Continue reading]

Using iMovie to market your property

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Marketing a property with iMovie Recently I have been speaking with more and more agents who have asked me did our website support and allow agents to upload iMovie. As somebody who tries to keep ahead of the technology curve for property managers I was somewhat embarrassed to say “tell me more about iMovie” rather than say “whats iMovie”. And after finding out what iMovie was I scrambled to get the development team to implement iMovies into the … [Continue reading]

10 Blog Topics For Letting Agents

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What can I write on my letting agents blog? This is a question which I get asked from my letting agency clients and visitors to my blog nearly on a daily basis. A lot of letting & estate agents are terrified by the thoughts of blogging,  but ask them to pitch a landlord over the phone and they are only falling over themselves to do it. So in this blog I will share some blog topics for letting agents to discuss. What benefits can your agency … [Continue reading]

How to use social media for your letting agency

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Letting agency social Media As you can read in lots of my blog topics both here and on my how to set up a letting agency blog I talk about social media a lot. There are many forms of social media and if used correctly it can help your letting agency or property management company create awareness with a very small budget. I looked through a number of my own contacts within my social media circles for a good example of a letting … [Continue reading]

How letting agents should use Facebook

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Many letting agents and property management companies use Facebook but they do not use it correctly in my opinion. In a previous blog post on how letting agents should not use Facebook I discussed this and there reach. So now lets look at how letting agents should use Facebook. Facebook Reach To quickly summorise what Facebook reach is " The total number of unique people who saw your content in their News Feed, ticker or on your Page" , this is … [Continue reading]